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Meet Lisa, a 39-year-old Recruitment Consultant from Stoke on Trent. Lisa had been a fairly steady weight until about 2012 but since then she’s put on about half a stone a year. She can’t put her finger on any particular trigger for the weight gain, just life (as it is for many of us!)

As the mother of a young son, Lisa doesn’t want an invasive surgical procedure so the non-surgical gastric balloon sounded ideal. This is a blog about her gastric balloon journey.

Weight lost: 3st 0lbs

4 Months Post Removal

Lisa hasn’t gained a single lb since her removal 4 months ago!

“Removal of the balloon was surprisingly easy. The sedation and care were the same but the anticipation was not as prevalent as I knew what to expect. I easily was able to eat the soup provided at the clinic before I could go home. The ability to eat returns immediately – the desire doesn’t. We all got into the bad habit of eating more than we needed to and doing the wrong things. You will only want to eat more and those wrong things again because of you! I like the odd treat, meals out and I’m guilty of still pinching a chip off my son’s plate, but it is moderated. Stick to those rules and you won’t get back to the bad ways you fell into last time. Thanks to Gastric Balloon Group for all the support!”

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