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The Benefits of Choosing a UK Clinic

We know that clinics in countries such as Turkey and Poland promote their services to UK customers and it can seem like an attractive deal, particularly when the procedure is sold almost as an add-on to a holiday package. But although in the right hands, a gastric balloon is a safe and simple treatment, it is still a medical procedure and the risks and complications should be considered when choosing your provider. 

Procedure prices in the UK are higher than in some other countries but this is because of the clinical standards required of the hospital, the consultant and the device itself.  These standards are important for your safety. Price should not be your only consideration.

Gastric Balloon Group

Overseas Clinics

CQC regulated hospitals and GMC regulated specialists

Less clinical governance for doctors and clinics

Licensed devices, CE marked for safety

Unknown devices, different to package 'sold'

Expert support from dietitian, health coach & nurses

Little aftercare or follow up support from clinic

24/7 support and emergency assistance for complications

No emergency help without travelling back overseas

You're in safe hands with our expert team

Our team of specialist consultants are all GMC and/or IMC registered and have a wealth of experience and expertise. 

Both Gastric Balloon Group and all of our partner hospitals are CQC registered, to monitor our clinical standards and provision of care.

Our devices are CE marked and licensed for safe implantation in the body. Be aware of low cost packages, we regularly remove ‘overseas’ balloons to find a different device to that sold to the patient. Many are not identifiable or CE marked.

Aftercare support is crucial to success, our packages include 24/7 support via our app and 1-1 appointments with Dietitians, Health Coaches and Bariatric Nurses. Most overseas packages offer very little support, if any.

You should also consider how an overseas clinic would support you if you experienced a complication or needed urgent removal and could not travel.