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Balloons Removal

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If you’re looking for a provider to remove your gastric balloon, we can help. Perhaps you had your gastric balloon inserted abroad but you’d rather avoid the expense and hassle of arranging a return trip for the removal; perhaps your provider has gone out of business or perhaps you had a bad experience abroad and would prefer to be treated in the UK. Whatever your reason, we can help.

We have a network of clinics across the UK so can offer a number of location and date options to suit your needs. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our consultants are all GMC registered.

endoscopic gastric balloons

The Procedure

The removal procedure is a quick and easy treatment that can be completed as a day case, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately with no downtime required.

Call 0800 138 9696 and let us know which device is implanted, how long it’s been in place and if you have any complications.

You will be booked for a free remote consultation with one of our consultants prior to removal.

The balloon is removed endoscopically under sedation in a simple 20 minute day case procedure at your nearest clinic.

You will receive a sheduled follow up call from one of our nurses. No aftercare is included.

How Much Does It Cost?

Gastric Balloon Removal
Hospital costs for a day case procedure​
Consultation costs
All endoscopic equipment including specialist removal kit​
Nurse support following removal to check recovery ​

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Welcome to the UK’s leading gastric balloon group! As the only specialists in the country, we work exclusively with the best consultants and operate state-of-the-art clinics.

We’ve been helping patience since 2016 and have grown into the leading provider of gastric balloons, with over 25 locations and 23 consultants.

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At Gastric Balloon Group we pride ourselves on exceeding patients’ expectations – see for yourself!

Tracey5 star review
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I have had the most amazing experience with every member of staff that has dealt with me, I can highly recommend the group thank you.
Babs5 star review
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The constant contact, infomation updates, friendliness of all staff and quick replies has made this a very positive experience. Every question was answered in a full understandable reply.
Sharon5 star review
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The support given is amazing. You are kept updated about everything. The after care so far has been very helpful. The procedure itself was carried out with care and respect.
Debra5 star review
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Got my balloon yesterday everyone was so kind and helpful . Made me feel so relaxed.
Satah5 star review
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Highly rate this group. Keeping in contact to see how I’m doing is great 🙌

Gastric Balloon FAQ's

Your gastric balloon removal package has a fixed cost of £1800 at any of our nationwide clinics with endoscopic facilities

There are very few side effects after balloon removal and most patients return to normal eating and activities very quickly. You may have a sore throat following the procedure but you should not expect to have the same nausea and sickness side effects that you had after insertion.

Yes, it is very important that you follow the rules on eating and drinking before your procedure. You will be required to take clear fluids only (squash, black tea/coffee, clear broth) for 2 days prior to your removal. You will then be nil by mouth (no food or drink) from midnight the night before. This is to ensure your stomach is empty for the procedure. If food is found in your stomach, your removal will be abandoned as it will be unsafe to continue and a fee will apply.

Depending on availability, we can normally book a consultation within a week and your procedure within another week or so. If you are having difficult symptoms and require an urgent removal, we will book your procedure as soon as possible but we cannot guarantee a short timescale. You may need to be prepared to travel to a further clinic if earlier availability is required.

In the UK our consultants have experience with the BIB, Orbera365 and Allurion gastric balloons which are single spherical devices. Overseas clinics implant devices that are not used in the UK so you will need to check with us if the consultant is able to remove your device. 

We do not remove Spatz or ReShape Duo gastric balloons.

Following the removal, you will be able to eat and drink normally. However, you should of course be mindful to continue to observe the smaller portions and controlled eating habits that you learnt whilst the balloon was in place. If you return to old habits, there is a high chance that any weight you lost will be regained.