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The Allurion Plus+ Gastric Balloon

What Is The Allurion Plus+
Gastric Balloon

The Allurion Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss solution designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals without permanent surgical intervention.

Through a simple, minimally invasive procedure, the Allurion Balloon is placed in the stomach, providing a feeling of fullness and reducing hunger. With its unique self-sealing design, the balloon remains securely in place for four months, offering a safe and effective approach to sustainable weight loss. After a 2-month break without the balloon, another sequential balloon is placed for a further 4 months. Throughout the treatment period, patients receive ongoing support and guidance from healthcare professionals to optimize their weight loss journey. 

Swallowable pill gastric balloon

As the UK’s only specialist gastric balloon provider we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and support to our patients. That’s why we are proud to be one of the select few clinics globally to be recognised as an Allurion Centre of Excellence

The Allurion Balloon Placement​

The Allurion placement is a quick and easy treatment that can be completed as a day case, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately with no downtime required.

You will not need to be admitted to hospital. You will simply attend for a 20 minute Outpatient appointment in an X-Ray suite.


There is no sedation required for the procedure.

You will be asked to swallow the balloon capsule with a glass of water. It is attached to a long thin tube which can be guided down your throat if needed. An X-Ray will confirm the correct position of the balloon in the stomach. The balloon is filled with saline (salt water) and a second X-Ray will confirm the placement before the balloon is detached and the tube removed.


As you haven’t been sedated, you will be able to drive yourself home.


 The balloon stays in place for approx. 4 months at which point it will spontaneously deflate. There is no removal procedure or return to hospital. The balloon will naturally pass through the digestive tract.

Weight Loss with the Allurion Plus+

Our experience shows that the Allurion Plus+ balloon procedure typically results in a 10-22kg* loss of total bodyweight. 

Are You Eligible for the Allurion Plus+

Once you have decided that the Allurion Plus+ is for you, you will need to ensure you are eligible to have the procedure, this will depend on a number of factors including your age, BMI, and medical history. We will discuss these with you in more detail when we speak with you on the telephone and during your free consultation but as a guide, you are likely to qualify for a gastric balloon procedure if you meet the following criteria: 


You are aged between 18 and 70


You don’t have any medical, surgical or medication history to make you ineligible


You have a BMI between 27 and 50

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Welcome to the UK’s leading gastric balloon group! As the only specialists in the country, we work exclusively with the best consultants and operate state-of-the-art clinics to provide our clients with the most advanced and effective weight loss solutions.

We have been helping people lose weight with gastric balloon since 2016 and since then have grown into the leading provider of gastric balloons, with over 25 locations and 23 consultants.

How Much Does The Allurion Plus+ Balloon Cost?

Our all-inclusive packages ensure that there are no hidden costs or additional fees. From the placement of the balloon to comprehensive aftercare support, everything is included in our pricing. We strive to make the weight loss journey as accessible and hassle-free as possible, offering peace of mind and exceptional value for our patients.

The Allurion Plus+
Swallowable Balloon
Swallow under x-ray
8Mth Implant (2×4)
10Mth App access
16mth Aftercare
Connected scales
Health tracker watch
90 day warranty

Included in our package

Medical care

bariatric nurse support and emergency helpline

Specialist Support

1-1 with Dietitian and Health Coach to guide you to best results

Unique app

videos and live classes on diet, fitness and retraining behaviours

Free Digital Tools

body composition scales and activity tracker

Don’t just take our word for it, we’re proud to share the stories of our real patients, who achieved their goals with the help of the Gastric Balloon Group.

Helena Lost 2 stone

With the Allurion balloon
"When I'd normally give up, the balloon was the reminder to keep going, i'm so glad I had it"
Helena's full story

Margaret Lost 2 stone

With the Allurion balloon
"I would definitely recommend this procedure if like me you get to that point where you are determined to lose the weight. It’s very dependent on you as an individual to make the right changes but this for sure offers a helping hand and makes it a little easier."
Margarets full story

Richard Lost 4.2 stone

With the Allurion + balloon
“Life just gets better when you’re not carrying that weight.”
Richard's full story

Our Process

Our process for booking a gastric balloon with us involves a straightforward journey consisting of consultation, placement, and ongoing support.

  • As an initial check, you’re likely to be eligible if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 27-50kg/m2 and you’re aged 18-70
  • Some medical conditions and prior surgeries will mean you are not eligible but we’ll discuss those with you during a thorough medical assessment
  • Our team of highly experienced advisors will chat with you about how the balloon works, package options and costs and what goals you’re looking to achieve
  • We understand this is a very big step and we’re here to help you understand what to expect and answer any questions. No question is a silly question if it matters to you!
  • If you’d like to move to the next stage, we’ll carry out a full and detailed history of your medical conditions, prior surgeries and prescribed medications
  • We’ll offer a range of options from across our clinic network and you can choose the most convenient location for you
  • We can usually arrange a consultation with your chosen consultant within a few days and, for your convenience, the appointment takes place remotely by phone or video link
  • There is no charge for the appointment which generally takes 20 minutes. The consultant will discuss the procedure, your medical history and suitability and highlight any relevant risks to consider  
  • Your advisor will contact you after your consultation to discuss next steps. There is no obligation or pressure to proceed, we want this to be the right decision for you
  • If you’d like to book your procedure, we will discuss all available dates with a minimum booking period of 7 days. We will do our best to work around any future commitments or planned events
  • A deposit will be required at the time of booking to secure your space. The patient support team will be in touch to complete all pre-placement administration
  • The placement itself takes just 20 minutes but expect to be in the clinic for around 45 minutes
  • You won’t be admitted or asked to change into a hospital gown, you’ll simply sit in a chair whilst the consultant helps you swallow the capsule with a glass of water. 99.9% of patients are successful
  • The balloon is filled and when correct placement is confirmed on the xray, you’ll be free to leave. As no sedation is used, you can leave unaccompanied and can drive yourself home
  • Days 1-2 you will be on clear fluids such as water, squash, herbal teas, Bovril, stock, broth
  • Days 3-4 you will be on smooth purees and nutritious fluids such as meal replacement shakes, soups
  • Days 5-6 you will be on soft solids such as mashed potato, scrambled egg, flaked fish, mashed well cooked vegetables, mashed beans and pulses
  • Day 7 onwards you will move to a normal textured diet but in much smaller quantities and be really mindful of your food choices and portions
  • Book your free appointments with our Dietitian and Health coach to get expert advice on your diet, fitness and eating behaviours
  • Attend the twice weekly live support sessions and Q&A led by our Health Coach on the app
  • Use your free scales and activity tracker to monitor your weight loss progress on the app
  • Use the vast library of resources on the app and find recipes, fitness sessions, classes and more to help you change your behaviours for long term success
  • Allurion balloons require no removal procedure or repeat clinic visit
  • At around 16 weeks, a special valve in the device opens and the harmless fluid empties into the stomach. The empty balloon casing moves through the digestive system and passes naturally in a bowel motion.
  • In a very small number of cases (2%), the balloon casing is vomited out. This is completely harmless and should not cause concern

*Compared with dieting, research studies show that a gastric balloon programme can help you lose 3 times more weight than by following a diet and exercise alone. Results and benefits do vary and are different for each individual. As such, Gastric Balloon Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.

Gastric Balloon FAQ's

First, the patient swallows a small capsule containing the deflated balloon, which is attached to a thin, flexible tube. X-ray or fluoroscopy is then used to confirm the capsule’s correct positioning in the stomach. Once confirmed, the medical team inflates the balloon using a sterile saline solution, creating a feeling of fullness and reducing hunger to aid in weight loss. Finally, the thin tube is gently removed, leaving the balloon in place for 4 months before is passes naturally.

99.9% of patients swallow the ballon without any difficulty, if you do have problems, that’s ok, your doctor will be on hand to help. 

The recovery time after gastric balloon placement is typically minimal, with most people able to resume normal activities within a few days.

The balloon is filled with saline solution during the procedure, and it usually takes about 5-7 minutes to fill the balloon. You can expect to be in the clinic for approx. 45 minutes in total.

How much weight you will lose and how quickly varies from person to person and will depend on how well you adapt to the gastric balloon and how much you are prepared to adjust your lifestyle, eating habits, and activity levels. Experience has shown, however, that 70-80% of weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment*.

The Allurion balloons are naturally excreted after 4 months

This can differ but most people say they can’t feel the balloon as such, rather they have a feeling of fullness or heaviness in their stomach. Some patients say however that when they engage in vigorous activity e.g. running, they can feel some movement. There is no discomfort, just a different sensation.


We know that when you decide to have a gastric balloon procedure, you want to start your journey as quickly as possible. Although the gastric balloon is a safe non-surgical procedure, it is still a medical procedure with strict eligibility criteria and contraindications. We are asked whether the consultation can be on the day of the procedure and even whether a consultation is required at all. We need you to see a doctor at consultation to ensure there is nothing in your medical history that would suggest the balloon is not a suitable option. Depending on clinic and consultant availability, we can normally book you a consultation in about a week and then we just need to leave a minimum of 7 days between consultation and procedure to give you time to consider your decision and for us to complete your booking administration.