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Comprehensive Package


Exclusive warranty Against Rupture & Early Removal

As the UK and Ireland’s only specialist gastric balloon provider, we already offer the most comprehensive package of support to our patients. We are now delighted to add to this package by being the first provider to include a free of charge warranty against gastric balloon rupture and to offer a 30 day money-back early removal warranty for just £199. 

Why offer a Warranty?

We know that a common concern for our patients is the possibility of the balloon rupturing or experiencing a medical need to have the balloon removed soon after implantation. If this were to happen, the patient loses both their balloon and their money.

Although the risk of rupture or severe intollerance is small, as with any procedure, there is always a risk of experiencing a complication and we cannot completely rule it out. So our new warranty package gives you the peace of mind that if you are unlucky enough to experience a balloon rupture or severe intolerance, you are covered.

Warranty Against Balloon Rupture

  • Exclusive to Gastric Balloon Group
  • Available on all our balloons
  • Protection against rupture

30 Day Early Removal Warranty

£ 199
  • Exclusive to Gastric Balloon Group
  • Available on all our balloons
  • Starts on the day of placement