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Risks & Complications

When you are considering a gastric balloon procedure, you want to focus on the positive weight loss benefits, this is after all the reason for having the procedure. But although the gastric balloon is a safe non-surgical procedure, we believe you should also be fully informed of the potential gastric balloon risks and complications.

As the UK & Ireland’s number one gastric balloon provider and the only balloon specialists, our entire team is dedicated to helping you succeed. From our GMC/IMC registered consultants to our specialist bariatric nurses and experienced patient care team,  rest assured that you’re in the best possible hands.

endoscopic gastric balloons

Immediate post-procedure
side effects

We are very honest about side effects and always prepare our patients for a difficult few days after the balloon procedure as we firmly believe that being prepared helps you to tolerate the symptoms better. The side effects are your body’s natural reaction to this new ‘foreign object’ in your stomach. Although everyone is different, side effects usually last 3-4 days and most people feel back to normal soon after.

Nausea: Most patients experience nausea, similar to sea sickness. We give you strong anti-sickness medication to reduce these symptoms and many patients say a travel sickness band can also help.

Vomiting: The anti-sickness medication will help to minimise vomiting but we also have a number of tips to help you ensure that you remain sufficiently hydrated until the vomiting subsides after a day or two.

Stomach cramps: This can be uncomfortable but cramps are usually short-lived and improve once the stomach adjusts to the balloon. A hot water bottle helps but over-the-counter medications are available if needed.

Longer term gastric balloon
risks / complications

The gastric balloon is the safest weight loss procedure with the lowest risk of complications. There are no incisions so no wounds, scars or internal changes to your stomach or digestive system. As with any procedure, however, there is a chance of experiencing a complication and no matter how small the risk, we need to make you aware.

Intolerance: In a small number of cases (<5%), patients feel unable to tolerate the side effects of the balloon and ask for it to be removed. For patients that are struggling, we can try medication and hydration to manage your symptoms before we consider removal as a very last resort.

Rupture: Although we have to make you aware that this is a possibility, the risk of balloon rupture is very small. As a precaution, a harmless blue dye is added to the 6 and 12 month balloons so a rupture would be evident by a colour change in your urine to green.

Peace of Mind Warranties

We understand that embarking on a weight loss journey can be daunting. That’s why we offer a range of peace of mind add-ons to enhance your gastric balloon treatment experience and provide you with the extra support you need. 

We are now delighted be the only provider to offer a 30 day money-back early removal warranty for just £249

FREE warranty included for 30 days with BIB/Orbera365 or 90 days with Allurion/Allurion Plus+. Optional peace of mind upgrade for endoscopic packages to cover the full implantation