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I’m John, a 44-year-old Police Officer from London. John was 16st 7lbs when I had the balloon implanted at Thames Valley clinic in Slough with Dr Levi – and finished off with a weight of 13st 6lbs, which was a loss of 3st 1lbs!

Having the gastric balloon has changed my life completely. It has changed my eating habits and motivated me to use the gym more frequently – on average three to four times a week.

Weight lost: 3st 1lbs

The aftercare support from Gastric Balloon Group helped me change my lifestyle and diet and allowed me to change my eating habits. Eating fish and soups and cutting out chips and all sorts of fatty foods was difficult, but it did introduce me to foods I haven’t tried before and when the balloon was removed, it helped me keep the weight off because of the change in lifestyle.

Despite the amazing weight loss, I have put a pound or two on throughout the journey, however, I still fluctuate and I’m still in the 13st 6lbs zone. At one point in my life, I was 17st 2lbs – I wasn’t confident or happy and now a lot of people have said that I look like a different man!

The balloon also gave me the opportunity to invest in brand-new clothes! I dropped from an XL to M and in some shops even a S! My tracksuit bottoms are all M when they were previously XL and my jeans have dropped from a tight 38 waist – close to 40 – to a 32 waist!

All I can say is if you are thinking about getting a gastric balloon, don’t think about it too long and start to live your life! But remember, the balloon works if you work with it – meaning going to the gym, walking and eating right – and of course no more heavy drinking nights! I found it very difficult to drink one or two beers when the balloon was implanted because I am so used to a large amount, but now the balloon is removed it has helped me become t-total!

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