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Meet Anya, a 23-year-old from Edinburgh. Even at her young age, Anya had battled with her weight for years and her body confidence as a result. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. The unhappiness and hate I felt when I saw myself, I’m sure a lot can relate to. For so long I tried so many things and was still unhappy or unsatisfied until I came across the Gastric Balloon Group and decided to check it out a bit more.

Unlike other companies, there was not one bit of pressure and I was so impressed with how honest they were about everything and at ease they made me feel. Which is why I wanted to go for it.

Weight lost: 2st 3lbs

Life with the Gastric Balloon

Since getting the balloon, everything has been made for the absolute better.

At first, I will admit I was so hesitant about how things would be, how I would feel, and what food would be like but those questions were always answered by the Gastric Balloon Group. At each step, any worry was put to rest, especially the advice about what to eat. Even when things were going well, I would get a little call or e-mail to just make sure everything was okay and to let me know they are there should I need anything. Knowing I had that support at all times made me feel comfortable that everything was okay (I’m an over-worrier which means that having a group I could rely on meant everything to me).

The Biggest Surprise

My biggest surprise I have to admit with how normal everything feels, literally the only difference is feeling full more quickly! I feel so much more motivated with what I eat. I’m always trying new recipes with different food which has meant my energy levels have gone up so much more which has made me want to be more active. Because of this, I am spending more and more time at the gym but instead of seeing it as a task, I enjoy it and how I feel after it.

A new perspective

Currently, I am 4 months into my journey with the balloon and so far have lost 2 stone (ahhhh!) which has now pushed me to alter my lifestyle to be more healthy to keep up with how I feel inside. This is more than just having a balloon to help you lose weight – it changes how you look at food, you want to eat better and steer away from the likes of takeaways. You feel more encouraged to move more, walk in and out of work, go for a swim or take part in the Gastric Balloon Group exercise videos (which are great by the way – each part of the body is tackled).

Overall, this entire process has changed me into a better person. It has given me a new perspective on life and more importantly, how I look at myself. I cannot recommend the Gastric Balloon Group enough and know it can have a positive impact on so many people out there of all ages, no matter who you are!

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