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Meet John, a 69-year-old former caretaker from Tyne and Wear. When his arthritis worsened, he had to leave his job as a caretaker, which kept him on his feet throughout the day. The COVID lockdown came into effect soon after, and he found himself even less active than he was before. With his weight shooting up, he opted for a new weight loss tool to get him back into shape. Before the COVID lockdown, John worked as a caretaker at his local village hall, where his busy cleaning schedule repeatedly kept him on his feet throughout the day.

When his arthritis worsened, he was forced to quit the job, and his weight ballooned up to 17.5 stone. He’d never been so heavy in his life. Like many others, John had tried diet programs such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and even Slim Fast, but losing just one stone had taken so much effort. With each attempt, he lost weight but regained it every time.

Weight lost: 3st 0lbs

Discovering the Gastric Balloon Group

As John searched for a weight loss solution on Google, he came across gastric balloons and found the Gastric Balloon Group.

In researching the weight loss tool further, he was attracted to the fact that it didn’t require surgery or hospitalisation and was a quick and simple process. He told his loved ones about his plans; they gave him all the emotional and motivational support he needed. Since the balloon’s insertion, John has done everything he can to ensure he has developed a healthier lifestyle. Using our exclusive GBG App daily meant he could easily track what he ate throughout the day and control his calorie intake. “The app makes life a lot easier.”

He was more than impressed with the Aftercare he received. “The dietitian was excellent and speedy with responses, as well as the patient care coordinators. Couldn’t fault the health care staff; they were great.”

Back in December 2022, John had knee replacement surgery, which unfortunately resulted in him gaining 13lbs back.

Having opted for the Orbera365 balloon, the 12 months have helped him mould and live a healthier lifestyle more efficiently, and he is confident with his newfound knowledge, he can still meet his weight loss goals when he’s healed.

Endoscopic Balloon
from £4,799
12Mth Implant
12Mth App access
18Mth Aftercare
Connected scales
Insertion & removal
30 day warranty