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Meet Gaynor, a 49 year old registered nurse for people with Learning Disabilities and a Team Leader for a multidisciplinary team. Gaynor had battled with her weight for five years, after being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland. When she quit smoking to improve her health, she was expecting to put on some weight but the pounds piled on.

Weight lost: 3st 4lbs

Gaynor joined various slimming groups but with an average loss of just half a pound in two weeks, the thought of having to lose her 3st goal overwhelmed her and the hill seemed too big to climb. Her partner and two children noticed her change from outgoing and bubbly to withdrawn and unhappy, she had lost her sparkle. She didn’t want to go out and socialise, she struggled to find clothes that fit. With her 50th birthday approaching, Gaynor felt it was now or never, this was the milestone to turn her life around.

From enquiry to consultation

I looked at all the different options available but most procedures involved invasive surgery that left scarring which scared me, I knew I definitely didn’t want surgery. The gastric balloon seemed the perfect option because it is non-invasive and non-surgical. I made an enquiry to Gastric Balloon Group and was pleased that my first consultation would be held at a private hospital just three miles from my house; familiar territory!

My journey with the balloon

Of course I was anxious but Mr Nutt, my consultant, reassured me and I felt prepared for my six-month journey with my balloon. The Gastric Balloon Group team kept in regular contact with me and continuously advised what to expect next. In the early days I had nausea and reflux but was able to control it with the medication given.

Two weeks on I was thrilled to have lost 9lb! At three weeks, I moved from liquids to purees and I thought I’d have cravings for certain foods and would constantly feel hungry but I didn’t. In fact, I was frequently unable to finish meals. At four weeks, I’d lost 1 stone 3lb, with an inch off my hips, 2.5ins off my waist and 2ins off my bust!

After removal

When the balloon was removed, I’d lost 3 stones and 4 lbs. I feel back to myself, confident and happy with how I look. It’s had a massive impact on my health too, my oedema went within two weeks, my blood pressure is back to within normal levels and my cholesterol has reduced so much that I no longer need medication to control it. Plus I’ve dropped two to three dress sizes going from a size 18 to a size 12!

I can honestly say this was the best decision of my life. I feel that turning 50 in March will now be an enjoyable milestone rather than a dreaded one, thinking that my life was going down hill!

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