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Throughout his childhood, Richard had led an extremely active life and had always been in good shape.

Running and weight training was part of his everyday routine, as he played competitive rugby and worked as an active Armed Forces member. His switch to a desk job was the perfect storm for Richard’s weight gain – the active lifestyle he had led before became non-existent, and he started eating his emotions as a result of the stresses at work. Before long he’d reached his heaviest weight at 23 stone.

He’d tried various diet and fitness programmes but found it hard to keep up with them, feeling demoralised when his weight loss progress was slow, and his results failed to reflect the work he’d be putting in.

Weight lost: 4st 2lbs

Exploring His Options: “From the first phone call, everything was cracking.”

Due to the nature of his job, weight loss surgery was not an option for Richard. Constantly travelling overseas and living in places with little to no medical support, he couldn’t risk complications or the recovery time from an operation. A swallowable gastric balloon proved to be the best option, as the procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and requires no surgery or endoscopy.

Previously he’d had a gastric balloon with another provider but had gained more than a few pounds back due to ‘laziness.’ Not wanting to fall off the wagon, he needed to regain control before it was too late. After a few Google searches, he came across the Gastric Balloon Group and enquired. From the first phone call, Richard felt reassured that he was in safe hands. His consultant, Mr. Michael Nutt “spoke to him like a human being and didn’t give me any medical jargon,” and the nurses were a great help. Richard made a conscious effort to get back into a healthier lifestyle. The aftercare with the balloon provided the accountability he needed to lose weight. The phone calls from our patient care team helped him stay motivated and focused on sticking with the process. The balloon truly gave him a “honeymoon away from food.” It took up space in his stomach and made him feel full without overeating.

Returning to a Healthier Lifestyle: 

In the past, Richard had felt self-conscious about his appearance due to his weight gain.

Since the removal of his first balloon, he now weighs just over 120kg and has successfully maintained his weight.

Having regained his self-assurance, the hassle of shopping online for bigger clothes (that may or may not fit) is a distant memory, and he can now browse and purchase in stores with confidence.

“Life just gets better when you’re not carrying that weight.”

Allurion Plus+
Swallowable Balloon
Swallow under x-ray
8Mth Implant (2×4)
10Mth App access
16mth Aftercare
Connected scales
Health tracker watch
90 day warranty

As the UK’s only specialist gastric balloon provider we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and support to our patients. That’s why we are proud to be one of the select few clinics globally to be recognised as an Allurion Centre of Excellence