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Meet Margaret, a 29-year-old from London. After starting a new job which included a food allowance, Margaret began to gain weight after indulging in unhealthy meals and snacks.

Choosing the swallowable Elipse balloon procedure, Margaret is determined to achieve her weight loss goal and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Weight lost: 2st 1lbs

I started gaining weight after starting a new job in which I was travelling across the UK and given a food allowance. I gradually began to put on weight after taking full advantage of the food allowance with unhealthy meals and snacks. I also used to gym about 5 times a week and slowly that became non-existent. In about a year I added 20kg! Over 2 years I couldn’t shift the weight. I was less sociable and whenever I took pictures with friends I would always feel down when I saw how big I was.

2020 I thought would be my year and from 103kg I dropped down to 97.5kg. Then came COVID-19 and with it lockdown and my weight fluctuated. Something had to change. So I began to Google weight loss surgeries. I was really apprehensive about invasive surgery and wanted something that was non-invasive. One day I came across the Gastric Balloon Group. I did some research on it and gave them a call the very next day. I spoke with a lovely lady called Amal, who has been there with me each step of the way, from the beginning till now which I’ve really appreciated.

On the day of the procedure, I was nervous but excited about the potential results. I had opted for the 4-month balloon in which I swallowed the capsule. This was harder than I thought but the doctor was patient and offered encouragement.

The first week following insertion was tough. I had bad cramps, vomiting and nausea. The nurses were accessible as promised and answered my questions and concerns. In the first week, I had lost some weight already and this kept me going. Slowly as per the guidelines provided by the Gastric Balloon Group, I reintroduced soft foods and then solids. I also got back into the gym. Every week I saw some weight loss as well as inches of my hips and waist.

The balloon gave me time to restart my eating pattern with the liquids first slowly back to solids. It also did its job in making me feel full so that I ate less. My relationship with food has definitely changed now and I am so happy with the progress I have made. I am now fitting into some of my old clothing!

I would definitely recommend this procedure if like me you get to that point where you are determined to lose the weight. It’s very dependent on you as an individual to make the right changes but this for sure offers a helping hand and makes it a little easier.

Swallowable Balloon
Swallow under x-ray
4Mth Implant
4Mth App access
10Mth Aftercare
Connected scales
Health tracker watch
90 day warranty

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