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The gastric balloon procedure is a non-surgical solution to help you lose weight* without surgery, pills or diets. It is ideal if you have tried dieting without long term success but you don’t qualify for a surgical procedure or don’t want to resort to a life-changing operation.  The gastric balloon is implanted for 4, 6 or 12 months (depending on your choice of balloon) after which time it is removed, leaving your stomach and digestive system intact.

Unlike a surgical procedure, there are no incisions so no wounds to heal and no scars. Your stomach is not cut or altered in any way so there are no lasting changes to your body and unlike surgery, your recovery is short.

The saline filled balloon occupies a large area in your stomach which means that there is less available space for food. It acts as a built in portion control; restricting the amount of food you eat and giving you a feeling of satisfaction after eating small volumes of food. Whilst the balloon is in place, it helps you to gradually adapt to smaller portion sizes so that when it’s removed you can continue with these new eating habits.

How long it is in place will depend on your choice of balloon. We combine this gastric balloon ‘tool’ with our support package for long term success. This support is key to your success as without it, once the balloon is removed, you are likely to revert to old habits and put the weight back on.


Minute procedure




Month inplant (max)


Month Aftercare (max)


Weight loss v A Diet*

Admission: You will not need to be admitted to hospital. You will simply attend for a 20 minute Outpatient appointment in an X-Ray suite.

Sedation: There is no sedation required for the procedure.

The procedure: You will be asked to swallow the balloon capsule with a glass of water. It is attached to a long thin tube which can be guided down your throat if needed. An X-Ray will confirm the correct position of the balloon in the stomach. The balloon is filled with saline (salt water) and a second X-Ray will confirm the placement before the balloon is detached and the tube removed.

Discharge: As you haven’t been sedated, you will be able to drive yourself home.

Implantation: The balloon stays in place for approx. 4 months at which point it will spontaneously deflate. There is no removal procedure or return to hospital. The balloon will naturally pass through the digestive tract.

The cost of our swallowable gastric balloon procedures starts from £4,099. This included the procedure and industry leading aftercare.

Allurion: Expected average weight loss is between 10 and 15%* of your total bodyweight

Allurion +: Expected average weight loss is between 10 and 22%* of your total bodyweight 

Admission: You will be admitted as a day case patient at your chosen hospital and taken to an endoscopy suite.

Sedation: You will be semi-conscious throughout the 20 minute procedure but sedated for your comfort. It is not a general anaesthetic.

The procedure: The consultant will check the health of your stomach with a camera. Then using an endoscope (long tube), the soft deflated balloon slides through your mouth, down your throat and into your stomach. Once filled with saline (salt water), the balloon is detached and the tube removed.

Discharge: You will be in hospital for 3-4 hours,  there is no overnight stay. As you have been sedated, you won’t be able to drive so you’ll need someone to take you home.

Implantation: The balloon stays in place for up to 12 months, before it is removed in a similar 20 minute day case procedure. Again you will be sedated whilst the balloon is drained and removed endoscopically.

Removal: At the end of the implantation period the balloon is removed via the same method.

The cost of our endoscopic gastric balloon procedures starts from £4,349. This included everything from the procedure to aftercare.

BIB: Expected average weight loss is between 10 and 18%* of your total bodyweight

Orbera: Expected average weight loss is between 15 and 20%* of your total bodyweight

*Compared with dieting, research studies show that a gastric balloon programme can help you lose 3 times more weight than by following a diet and exercise alone. Results and benefits do vary and are different for each individual. As such, Gastric Balloon Group cannot guarantee specific weight loss goals.