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Introducing Heliosphere: A Breakthrough in Weight Loss

We are thrilled to announce that Gastric Balloon Group is now the exclusive provider in the UK of the revolutionary Heliosphere air-filled gastric balloon. As the UK’s only gastric balloon specialist, we are delighted to be able to offer this innovative approach to weight loss to our patients, providing a unique solution that combines effectiveness with affordability.

Cost-Effective Weight Loss at £4,399

Our commitment to making weight loss accessible is reflected in the pricing of the Heliosphere procedure, making it our most affordable endoscopic option at just £4,399.

Lighter Sensation, Same Fullness

Weighing only 10 grams, the Heliosphere balloon delivers a lighter sensation in the stomach while ensuring the same feeling of fullness as a saline-filled balloon. This unique characteristic can reduce the likelihood of some of the side effects associated with the adaption period once the balloon is implanted.

Gastric Balloon

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Dedicated Support

Our registered Dietitians, Health Coaches and support team are here to help you achieve your weight loss goals

Digital Tools

Change your habits and relationship with food with on-demand classes on diet, fitness, mindfulness and habit change

How Does Heliosphere Work?

The Heliosphere® Newtech Intra Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical and minimally invasive solution for weight loss. The balloon is inserted endoscopically, eliminating the need for hospitalisation. Once inserted the double skinned balloon is gently inflated with air, and stays in place for six months. After the six month implantation period the balloon is punctured and then removed endoscopically by you clinician.

Who is it For?

  • Obesity Treatment: Ideal for patients with excess weight accompanied by medical risks, confirmed by obesity treatment consultants.
  • Type II Diabetes Management: Suitable for individuals struggling to balance Type II diabetes due to overweight.
  • Alternative to Surgery: A preferred option for those seeking to avoid surgery or exploring an alternative to traditional surgical procedures.
  • Preoperative Weight Management: Recommended for individuals undergoing surgery who aim to reduce associated risks linked to excess weight.


Non-Surgical, Simple, and Performed by Medical Teams

Prior to the procedure, your general health will be assessed by one of our GMC regulated consultants who will then insert and inflate the Heliosphere balloon under endoscopic control. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and you can resume normal activities the day after. Medical treatments may be prescribed to minimise side effects.

The removal process, similar to implantation, occurs six months post-implantation. The Heliosphere Balloon is ushering in a new era of weight loss solutions, providing a safe, effective, and accessible alternative to traditional surgical methods. Say hello to a lighter, healthier you with Heliosphere!