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“When I was really big, it was all I could think about. I would look in every window I passed whilst walking down the street.” Knowing that her reflection would drag her down, being overweight became a constant mental strain that encompassed Kat.

It became a problem that was even stopping her from finding new passions in life, becoming a restriction that kept her from breaking out of her comfort zone. “I wouldn’t want to do things because I felt fat and disgusting.”

Kat was left in a vicious cycle of not being able to be physically active, unable to try new things, and causing her to remain unhealthy and unhappy. “Even moving around was difficult,” and she would often find herself short of breath.

It seemed like it would never end. When her 40th birthday arrived, Kat knew it was time to take control of her life and start enjoying it again before it was too late.

Weight lost: 6st 9lbs

Discovering the gastric balloon

Determined to control her weight, Kat began to research her weight loss options.  

She’d heard of weight loss surgeries such as the gastric sleeve, however, making such a permanent change to her body wasn’t something she felt ready for. Running out of choices but not wanting to go down the surgery route, Kat wasn’t sure where to turn. It all changed when a TikTok popped up on her feed – all about the gastric balloon.  After researching the gastric balloon, she realised that although it was a weight loss procedure, it was not as invasive as surgery. This was the option for her. Wanting to give herself the best chance of success, Kat opted for the 12-month Orbera365 balloon to allow more time to adjust to her new eating habits and lifestyle.

Before having the Gastric Balloon, Kat simply wanted to live her life without feeling so negative. “I just wanted to feel confident and not be drained by my weight.” In Kat’s eyes, the balloon has “worked wonders.” Not only has she become more confident, but she also feels relieved to not have “every thought be revolved around looking rubbish”. Little things such as crossing her legs have brought her so much happiness – “All the skinny people can cross their legs and I was never able to, but now I can!.” She feels confident walking around shops and seeing an outfit, knowing it will fit and suit her.  

Kat succeeded in using her time as effectively as possible by changing her relationship with food. She’s lost another stone since having the balloon removed, proving that she’s applied all the good habits she’s learnt to her healthy lifestyle.  Of course, Kat treats herself and allows herself to eat ‘unhealthy’ food occasionally, but she can do so guilt-free! “I can have a slice of pizza and it doesn’t way heavy on my mind the way it used to. I know I can have a bit and I’m not going to magically change physically overnight.” Her previous anxiety about food has gone, and now she can truly enjoy it.

“My experience running up, during and after having my procedure with the Gastric Balloon Group was incredible, I couldn’t fault it.”
“I want to urge you to give it a go! I’ve seen so many people put off by it because they’re too busy focusing on other people’s bad experiences. But you won’t know unless you try. You could really benefit from it and if it works, it can change your life just as much as it changed mine!”
Endoscopic Balloon
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12Mth Implant
12Mth App access
18Mth Aftercare
Connected scales
Insertion & removal
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