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Meet Caroline Fisher, a vibrant 45-year-old woman from the Lake District, who recently decided to change her life with the Allurion 4-month gastric balloon, guided by The Gastric Balloon Group.

Life before the balloon:


Caroline, once weighed 19 stone 3 lbs, feeling trapped in a cycle of self-consciousness and limited self-expression, “I wore the same clothes every day, with only 2 pairs of jeans that fit, and a couple of t-shirts and it was just the same cycle of wash and wear.”


The struggles with her self-image affected not only her personal life, missing out on social occasions as she knew she wouldn’t feel comfortable in the clothes she would want to wear. But it also affected her small business, struggling every day as her customers particularly were ‘fit people’ who were hiking in the lake district. Saying that “the people I was dealing with were so out of touch with who I am.”


With all this spiralling, Caroline’s size 22 wardrobe and avoidance of public appearances reflected her unhappiness, convincing herself that she was extremely introverted, when in hindsight she “was just unhappy about being out in public and being seen.”


Until it was time to make a change…



Weight lost: 4st

The decision to choose the Gastric Balloon Group

Caroline’s desire for change led her to discover the concept of the Gastric Balloon on her Instagram explore page. With this idea in mind, she researched more. Recognising the expertise of the group, “this was your guy’s bread and butter, you did it day in and day out”.

And so, her journey truly began…

Day of the procedure:


“I was literally in and out of the hospital for 25 minutes”

Caroline recalls the procedure to be maximum 25 minutes, emphasizing the ease of swallowing the balloon with the help of a doctor. She encourages others to trust the process and allow themselves to experience the life-changing benefits, “I would definitely recommend just trusting the process.”

The Gastric Balloon Experience:

Caroline’s journey with the gastric balloon was remarkably smooth. Initial queasiness was easily managed with Lucozade sport, and within two weeks, she couldn’t feel the balloon at all. Living in the Lake District, Caroline hiked regularly, “the inclines got a bit steeper and a bit longer”, although she noted she found slight discomfort when the balloon was jolted around.

Life during the balloon:

As the weeks passed, Caroline’s life took a positive turn. She dropped from a size 22 to a size 16, embraced shopping at high street stores, and put effort into her appearance every day.

Life with her husband:

Caroline’s relationship with her husband blossomed. Simple activities like going for coffee became meaningful, and now they celebrate their birthdays in style, going up Edinburgh and dressing up to look and feel nice. Even friends and family noticed her positive transformation by stating she is “a completely different person”, affirming how much happier she is.

Life now – Post Balloon:

Two weeks after the removal of the balloon, Caroline proudly states she has a new lease of life and is excited for the future! She enjoys putting effort into the way she looks and feels good “every single day”. Activities she once found daunting she can enjoy, including starting the gym with her son. And that knee pain that once hindered her day-to-day life? It’s now non-existent.

Tips for Success:

Caroline shares practical tips for others considering the procedure, emphasising the importance of taking it slow initially, stocking up on settling beverages like Lucozade sport, and preparing convenient meals, such as soups with different thicknesses. She recommends using a side plate for portion control and encourages mindfulness about eating habits.

Support from the Gastric Balloon Group:

Throughout her journey, Caroline felt supported by the Gastric Balloon Group. With various communication channels if needed, “through telephone, online or through the app I knew they were always there”, although her journey went smoothly.

A lasting impact:

The habits Caroline developed during the 16 weeks with the gastric balloon have become ingrained in her daily life. She continues to lose weight, treats herself on special occasions, and eagerly anticipates a future filled with newfound confidence, looking to book holidays “now that I truly feel comfortable in myself.”

Caroline’s message to others:

Caroline encourages those considering the gastric balloon to “believe in yourself”, give it your all, and trust the process. She emphasizes that the procedure, when committed to, is “absolutely life-changing”, helping build habits that become the new normal.

Caroline’s success story with the Allurion 4-month gastric balloon, supported by the Gastric Balloon Group, showcases the transformative power of commitment, self-belief, and expert guidance. Her journey serves as an inspiration to those seeking a positive change in their lives through weight loss and improved self-image.