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We have helped thousands of people to achieve their weight loss goals, and we are committed to continuing to support our patients on their journey to a healthier and happier life.

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At Gastric Balloon Group we pride ourselves on exceeding patients’ expectations – see for yourself!

Tracey5 star review
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I have had the most amazing experience with every member of staff that has dealt with me, I can highly recommend the group thank you.
Babs5 star review
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The constant contact, infomation updates, friendliness of all staff and quick replies has made this a very positive experience. Every question was answered in a full understandable reply.
Sharon5 star review
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The support given is amazing. You are kept updated about everything. The after care so far has been very helpful. The procedure itself was carried out with care and respect.
Debra5 star review
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Got my balloon yesterday everyone was so kind and helpful . Made me feel so relaxed.
Satah5 star review
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Highly rate this group. Keeping in contact to see how I’m doing is great 🙌

Lost 2.3 Stone (30.8%)

“Overall, this entire process has changed me into a better person. It has given me a new perspective on life and more importantly, how I look at myself.”

Lost 3 Stone (18.75%)

“The dietitian was excellent and speedy with responses, as well as the patient care coordinators. Couldn’t fault the health care staff; they were great.”

Lost 3 Stone (9.5%)

Tina’s success story is a testament to her perseverance, the unwavering support of the Orbera balloon, and the dedication of the team by her side.

Lost 2 Stone

“I’ve never lost 2 stone on my own, because it is slow for me, but the balloon was a constant reminder to not give up and to keep pushing.”

Lost 6.9 Stone (31.8%)

“My experience running up, during and after having my procedure with the Gastric Balloon Group was incredible, I couldn’t fault it.”

Lost 6.3 Stone

“I’d 100% recommend anyone considering having this procedure done to definitely go ahead with it. My apprehension was totally dissolved..”


Lost 2.5 Stone (14%)

“I’d 100% recommend anyone considering having this procedure done to definitely go ahead with it. My apprehension was totally dissolved..”

Lost 2.11 Stone (14.5%)

“The aftercare and support from Gastric Balloon Group has been really good. I’ve enjoyed my calls with Celya asking how I am doing and offering support..”

Lost 5.6 Stone (40.8%)

“It was a lot to take in, and they broke everything down and sent me everything I needed to know via email, so I could process it in my own time.”

Lost 3.1 Stone (17.6%)

“All I can say is if you are thinking about getting a gastric balloon, don’t think about it too long and start to live your life!”

Lost 2.1 Stone (10.2%)

“I would definitely recommend this procedure if like me you get to that point where you are determined to lose the weight.”

Lost 4.2 Stone (18%)

“From The First Phone Call, Everything Was Cracking.. Life just gets better when you’re not carrying that weight.”                  

Lost 3.7 Stone (19.2%)

“I certainly have no regrets about my decision on choosing the swallowable Elipse balloon and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Lost 2.7 Stone (13.2%)

“My whole experience from calling up the Gastric Balloon Group for information, to having the balloon inserted and the aftercare has been second to none!”

Lost 3 Stone (21.4%)

“Removal of the balloon was surprisingly easy. The sedation and care were the same but the anticipation was not as prevalent as I knew what to expect.”

Lost 2.4 Stone (11.2%)

Leanne has struggled with her weight for over 14 years and wanted a 12-month gastric balloon to kick-start her weight loss after years of constant yo-yo dieting.

Lost 4.1 Stone (21.2%)

“I contacted the Gastric Balloon Group who were really friendly and helpful in answering any questions.”

Lost 3.4 Stone (23%)

“When the balloon was removed, I’d lost 3 stones and 4 lbs. I feel back to myself, confident and happy with how I look. “

Lost 4 Stone (26%)

“The staff were lovely, Mr Riera, the surgeon, fantastic chap ”