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Better Health
Awards 2023

Celebrating the inspiration and success of all our patients 



The Heart of England

We are hosting our second better health awards night in september.

Here is a recap of our how last are last event went .

The incredible Nick Johnson hosted our event, making great efforts to capture the audience and keeping everyone entertained and informed throughout the night. From his comical jokes to sharing his journey along the way, Nik captured the audience through filling the room with both laughter and tears and said in his own words that all patients have the goal to “have a better quality of life or to find more confidence to ultimately be happier and healthier”. We at Healthier Weight understand this goal and therefore wanted to host this night for our patients to celebrate what they have already achieved.

It was Healthier Weight’s first award ceremony. We must admit we were apprehensive about how well executed it would be. Regardless of all the planning and prepping a company can do, group spirit and dynamic is something you cannot predict. We are more than delighted to say that it could not have gone better! From hearing a mix between patients talking about their favourite memories since weight loss, congratulating each other on their nominations or the touching conversations between Healthier Weight’s patients and surgeons. There was such fulfilment that was visible from everyone present, and it was great for our patients to feel like they could express theirselves with people who truly understand their journey. 

As a company, our mission is to devote ourselves to the treatment and care of people who are overweight and obese. But within that, a community has developed who contribute massively to the care of our patients which was visible this night. Although we’ve met our patients face to face before, it was a privilege to see over 100 people come together and witness them build relationships and interact with each other face to face. The night began with Nik introducing everyone to the Botanical Gardens and to himself; a Healthier Weight Gastric Bypass patient. Nik started his journey in 2019 and has never looked back, making him the perfect representation as to how we at Healthier Weight aspire our patients’ journeys’ to go. After telling his story with a few laughs along the way he introduced Healthier Weight’s medical director and surgeon: Rishi Singhal.

Rishi Singhal

For many patients, seeing Rishi was a wonderful surprise to the night. Seeing the person who changed their lives touched many hearts with some expressing their gratitude for “the man who changed their life”. Rishi expressed his passion to change the quality of “as many lives as possible” and his pride in all of his patients, who are all winners by making “remarkable efforts” to make surgery work for them.  

The night continued with a speech from the Healthier Weight CEO: Jon Butterworth. He took the time to thank all of Healthier Weight for their contribution to the awards alongside a thank you to the night’s sponsors; Chrysalis Finance, Baricol Bariatrics and Elemental, who the night wouldn’t have been possible without. 

Once the Healthier Weight speeches were complete, it was time to dive into the starters and mains for the audience. During this time, all the patients were excited for the awards with talks about their personal journeys and the awards they were nominated for.  

With all that being said, the awards began…

App awards:

The night started with the Healthier Weight app awards. Our new App Package was launched in 2021 and was designed to help our patients. Since the launch, the app has helped patients lose 12% of their excess weight, being eligible to get recipe ideas, log their stress and track their weight loss.


The Best Newcomer Award:

The purpose of this award was to celebrate the patient who used the app to help aid their journey and strive for success.

Our winner was…

Natalie Gallagher! (Procedure: Gastric Mini Bypass, Weight lost: 57.8kg)

Most Active: 

Next up our longest standing employee Andrew Jones came to announce our winner for the Most Active. Exercise is vital for your health and progress within your Weight Loss journey. Therefore, it was important to incorporate this with our most active award.  

Our winner was…  

Kerry Underwood! (Procedure: Gastric Bypass, Weight Loss: 62.5kg)  

Most Weight Lost: 


Our final app award was presented by one of our Bariatric Nurses, Lyndsey Westall for the most weight lost. We celebrated this as it is the fundamental goal of Weight Loss surgery when going through your journey. Losing weight in a safe way can have so many positive impacts to both your mental and physical health and it was important to reinforce this idea within the awards. 

Our winner was… 

Alice Leo! (Procedure: Gastric Bypass, Weight Loss: 40kg)

Once all the App awards were celebrated the night continued with one of Healthier Weight’s amazing sponsors of the night, Elemental Surgical Innovations.   

 This company is the leading distributor of innovative solutions in minimally invasive surgery.  

 Transformation Of The Year: 

 The amazing elemental staff came on stage and expressed all the amazing transformations they’ve seen within the nominees for this award. Not only in their physical appearance but in their day-to-day life, being able to do things these patients could only imagine before.  

The winner was…

Annie Palin! (Procedure: Gastric Band, Weight Lost: 35kg)

Next up on stage were our sponsors Baricol Bariatrics.  

Baricol offer supplements for those who have had a gastric sleeve or bypass to ensure they get the right amount of nutrients day-to-day, living a healthy lifestyle.  

In It Together Award: 

The purpose of this award is to celebrate the companionship all patients need whilst going through this journey. From parents, other patients, or a friend to talk to, having someone helping you with your journey can have tremendous effects on your motivation and it’s important to remember.  

Our winner was… 

Melissa & Anita! (Procedures: Gastric Sleeve & Gastric Band, Weight lost: 41.7kg, 29kg)

 Once Melissa and Anita had been celebrated, it was time for our Marketing Manager Megan Brown to announce Healthier Weight’s next award… 

Must See Moment: 

This award was to take a moment to those who have made a pivotal change in their life that is an inspirational to all. From starting their IVF journey, to new careers to achieving things they would have never done before, all these nominees were encouraging to everyone around them.  

Our winner was… 

Kelly Bridgeman-Moncrieffe (Procedure: Gastric Sleeve, Weight lost: 31kg) 


Influencer Award:

Next up was the Healthier Weight ‘Influencer’ award present by the amazing Head of Sales, Sandee Timms. In a world where your phone is always around and digital aspects have an impact on your life every moment of every day, it’s important you’re choosing the right people to be influenced by. All the nominees help all their followers from offering advice to their tips and tricks to thrive in their Weight Loss journey.

Our winner was…

Melissa Williams (Procedure: Gastric Bypass, Weight lost: 47kg)

Chrysalis Finance:

Next up Nik introduced our headline sponsor for the awards, Chrysalis Finance!

Chrysalis are an award-winning payment plan solutions company and we were delighted to have them! Their team presented two incredible awards…


Lifetime Award:

The award next up was the Lifetime Award! The basis of this award was to celebrate a patient who has transformed their life since at least 2018. Being consistent in your Weight Loss Journey takes incredible mental strength and can sometimes take a toll on you if you lose sight of why you’re doing it. Therefore, we were honoured to celebrate our patients who remained consistent and put themselves first for so long, striving to change their life around.

Our winner was…

Katie Hardman (Procedure: Gastric Band, Weight lost: 60.3kg)

Community Award:  

The community award allowed everyone there to celebrate those who have helped other bariatric patients outside of the Healthier Weight company. Support from other patients is something that can only come from kindness, being able to gain support from people who have been there.  

 Our winner was… 

Emma Hughes (Procedure: Gastric Band, Weight lost: 57kg)

Man Of The Year: 

Next up the Healthier Weight’s Head of Business Development Matt Jones, came on stage to announce the winner for ‘Man of the Year’. He expressed the importance of celebrating all males who have chosen to take care of their mental and physical health, which is something a lot of male struggles with. All the nominees have made incredible changes within their life and are hopefully an inspirational to males around the world who are struggling.  

Our winner was… 

James Howse (Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass, Weight lost: 48kg)

Woman Of The Year:

Of course, after our ‘Man on the year’ came ‘Woman of the year’, presented by Healthier Weight’s Head of Patient Support, Victoria Billingham. Just as ‘Man of the year’, Tori expressed the importance of these nominees’ successes and how proud everyone at Healthier Weight is of them for taking a stand for their mental and physical health.

Our winner was… 

AmyMay Williamson-Carr (Procedure: Mini Gastric Bypass, Weight lost: 68k

So now came our last award… the ‘More Than Just’ Award

for the ‘More Than Just’ Ceremony, presented by Healthier Weight’s CEO, Jon Butterworth. As explained, this journey is so much more than Weight Loss. It’s choosing yourself, from mental health to creating new memories with those you love, Weight Loss Surgery truly allows you to transform your life and we are incredibly proud of all our nominees.  

Our winner was… 

Chloe Matthews (Procedure: Gastric Mini Bypass, Weight lost: 37kg).

The awards ended with Nik returning to stage and requesting all nominees to take a stand around their tables, where a round of applause was given to everyone who showed up, not only to the awards but for themselves. Taking what was once the apprehensive steps to change their life into the happier and healthier people they are today. All patients are winners in everyone’s life and we at Healthier Weight couldn’t be prouder.  


Once the awards were over, it was time to celebrate! The incredible band ‘Soho Soul’ took the stage and got everyone up to dance with each other. From the staff, to patients, to surgeons, everyone was celebrating Healthier Weights Patient’s achievements since the day they began.  


The purpose of the ‘More Than Just’ Awards ceremony was to..

  • Acknowledge people’s successes.
  • Give a chance for our community to meet each other in person.
  • Bring a predominantly online company to a real life situation.
  • Give everyone a chance to dress up, feel confident and look forward to something spectacular!



From certificates to speeches, the ceremony executed this incredibly well with the amazing help from our patients, staff, and sponsors. So, thank you all for attending and once again… CONGRATULATIONS!

You are all winners!