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Gastric Removal Diet

To continue your weight loss journey, a post ballon diet is essential

Two days prior to the procedure, only clear liquids should be consumed, followed by a transition to soft foods after removal. It’s important to maintain weight initially and gradually adjust to life without the balloon to prevent weight regain. After removal, ongoing aftercare is provided, offering guidance on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and emotional support to ensure continued progress.

Removal of a gastric balloon is a big milestone in the journey to weight loss success. To maintain the gains achieved during treatment, we must continue with the healthy eating habits and physical activity that were adopted while the balloon was implanted. Our healthcare team of nutritionists and advisors are here to assist and guide you through your journey as you make this transition.

Only a clear liquid diet should be consumed two days before the procedure. Examples of clear fluids include squash, Bovril, water, black tea and coffee as well as consommé which are all considered within the “clear fluids” category. After the removal, you can ease in with soft foods the following day. 

You should aim to maintain your weight in the first few weeks and allow yourself time to adjust to not having the balloon. Once you have achieved this you can then start to make the necessary changes which will allow you to lose more weight if you wish. It can take a surprisingly short amount of time for old habits to return and for the weight to start going up again – make sure this doesn’t happen to you! 

Your gastric balloon package includes continued aftercare support following removal. During this period our advisors provide essential advice on nutrition, lifestyle changes and support from our friendly team over the phone or email. From providing tailored meal plans and practical tips for success to simply being there for emotional guidance throughout your progress – we are here every step of the way for whatever help or advice you may need.